Wine in a can. How bow da?

It’s actually not terrible!

My friend, Nate, brought me a can of wine to a curling bonspiel a few weekends ago. I wasn’t playing, obviously. I was there for support.

Actually, I was kinda bored because I know nothing about curling, so when Nate handed me this beverage I was excited and skeptical.

BIG HOUSE WINE actually already has bottles and boxes of wine, so now they have moved into the canned world.

It’s $4 for a can that equals two “standard” glasses of wine.


I love it because it’s portable, great for the cabin, poolside, hikes, picnics, and camping. I don’t like beer that much, but I’m always envious about how easy it is to pack a few in a backpack and be on your way. Wine bottles you need an opener, a glass, and then you need to carry this glass bottle around. Urgh, what a hassle.

I know, my life is so tough having to pack wine when I go on hikes at my cabin. #firstworldproblems

I’m not actually complaining. I’m just happy that my convenience level just became easier.

But seriously, this zin was smooth to drink. It had a dark fruit taste, like black cherries and plums. It was nice!

Next time you are heading out to the cabin and you need a convenient wine, grab a few of these bad boys.


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