A “tip” from a server to you

If your server doesn’t know much about wine, when you ask him or her what their favourite wine is, it’s always the most expensive one on the list. I used that trick a lot as a server before I started to educate myself in the world of wine, and it paid off. People generally tip a percentage of the total bill. If your bill is higher, then the tip will often be more. There are also incentives sometimes for servers to have the highest guest cheque average or sell a specified menu item.

Even having slight wine knowledge can save you a pretty penny and gives you a way better chance of enjoying the wine brought to your table.

Recently, I found two wines at local restaurants that I LOVE. The first was at Bouchee Boucher — half restaurant and half butcher shop. We wanted to try everything on the menu and share, so we didn’t really try and pair wine with any particular meal.

The scalloped potatoes with a pile of shaved ham; wild rice casserole with duck confit, mushrooms, and whipped blue cheese; crispy pork belly, and the butcher’s steak were all amazing, but the Buried Hope Cabernet Sauvignon was incredible. I went to The Winehouse the next day to pick up a bottle. Apparently, they have a very nice pinot noir as well. The phrase on the front of the wine is “stressed vines deliver rich wines,” and that made me laugh. Hopefully stressed students deliver high-quality content and employable skills.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 4.42.53 PM.png

This full-bodied red has a slight vanilla, blackberry, and oaky flavour, and it has a soft taste to it. It is also available at the LCBO.

The next wine was a Merlot, and since I took a picture of it, like I generally do with bottles of wine I enjoy, I thought I would remember the name. This particular bottle is a fully white label that just says, “merlot” in the bottom right corner. Several Google searches did not help me out…

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 4.41.36 PM.png

Thank goodness another friend of mine took a picture of the back since the wine is simply called, “merlot.” It is merlot from Lock and Worth Winery in BC. It is for sure available at The Winehouse if you want to check it out.

For the record, neither of these were the most expensive on the menu. I’m pretty sure the Merlot was actually the least expensive.



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