Wine and Sleepy Time

Blogging about wine has been a lot more science-y than I expected. Math and science were not my strong points in high school, but if my teachers had linked these topics to alcohol I feel like I would have paid more attention.

Does wine even make you tired? Does red wine make you more tired?


There haven’t been any studies done to confirm this, but we can reasonably come to that conclusion with what we — “we” as in me Googling things — do know.

Grape skin, flesh and seeds all contain melatonin — the natural supplement you can take to help you sleep. At some point during the winemaking process the melatonin level rises — yeast is expected to be the culprit. That’s why grapes probably won’t make you tired, but wine is more likely to.

Red wine is made with the skin of grapes, so we can make an educated guess that drinking red wine would make you more sleepy than white. Even so, the amount of melatonin in a bottle of wine is about 1/10000 of what is in a melatonin pill.

It would be really nice to have an excuse for falling asleep on the couch when we have company over, many times. Like, a lot of times.

That could also be because I have the energy level of a mother sloth who has to care for a clan of baby tigers.

Another theory is that people generally have wine to wind down at the end of the day when they are already tired. Alcohol, in general, is a depressant, which makes you tired.

So then all alcohol should make everyone sleepy, right?

Ummm, yes? But no.

Get ready for some #science.

Alcohol also affects your frontal lobe, which inhibits impulses — who knew?! So if you are out at the bar drinking tequila shots and you want to go dance with the hot dude in front of you or you need to go find someone to take you to McDonald’s, you are way more likely to do that.

When you are wine drunk, or at least when I am, I’m pretty likely to stay sitting and think about how I would really enjoy the French onion soup at Johnny G’s, rather than actually go out and get it.

Also, your quality of sleep after drinking is garbage #fact. That’s why you wake up at 7 am, feel wide awake, and then you move to the couch after a morning snack and fall asleep watching whatever is on TLC.


This is me trying to explain that it’s not wine that makes you sleepy, it’s alcohol in general. My graphic T should add credibility to my rants. Gotta love Winners.


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