Dirty water? Add wine.

There was a time when people drank wine ALL THE TIME.

People living in places like ancient Athens and ancient Babylon had almost undrinkable water, so they came up with a way to sanitize it.

People drank diluted wine from morning to night. Like, everyone. Even babies.

Here is a full article from the National Institutes of Health website: Wine as a digestive aid: comparative antimicrobial effects of bismuth salicylate and red and white wine.

Basically, it explains that using white wine at a 1:1 dilution rate, reduced the bacterial rate much faster than red wine. It took red wine 24 hours to dilute the bacteria to make the water drinkable, and it took white wine only 2 hours to get the same effect.

It wasn’t the alcohol content that made a difference. Tequila was also tested using this method and didn’t create any change in the bacteria. It has something to do with the alcohol and the pH balance in wine, and some other science that I don’t really understand.

Obviously, there are much better methods for purifying water like boiling it or using a filter, but this method was used for generations, so it still does work.

So, if you are travelling in an area where you don’t trust the water, try mixing one part wine with one part water and let it sit for an hour. #survivaltip


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