Safe wines

Safe wines are bottles under $20 that you know you love. These are the wines that you have on hand for surprise company coming over, or you just feel like having a glass or three after work…or CreComm.

The thing with safe wines is that your tastes are always changing and evolving, especially with wine. And if you live with someone, you both have to agree to the same safe wines. Finding wines that have the wow factor for two people can be a challenge.

I am lucky enough to live with a guy who loves wine, and actually has a good idea of what he is talking about in the wine world. However, we have been having a difficult time picking our safe wines.

He has expensive taste in wine — well I do too, but I can’t afford it and I’m not that picky. Don’t get me wrong, I love coming home to a bottle of wine that I just pass in the LC and look at for a little too long, but that isn’t what we are looking for here.

Scott likes J. Lohr. Well, everyone and their grandma loves J. Lohr. I just don’t. If you want me to slow down my wine consumption for the evening then crack a bottle of J. Lohr and you will be onto the next two bottles before I can finish that glass.

I used to LOVE Apothic Red. It was also in my price range, so that was a safe wine for a while. Now I think it tastes like melted red lollipops. Yuck. Plus you get corpse mouth after like half a glass, and that is the worst.

Fun Fact: I don’t like sweet reds but l love sweet whites.

Obviously Mirassou, from my last post, would be on my safe wine list, but my boyfriend is “meh” about it.

If you like spicy reds, 19 Crimes is one of my safe wines, that I sadly have to cross off the safe wine list because Scott isn’t in love with it.

Penfolds Konnunga Hill shiraz cab is the next one I plan on trying with him. I’m crossing my fingers he likes it.

We found our first safe wine pretty easily: Grandes Vinos Y Vinedos Monasterio De Las Vinas Reserva Do. $14.99 is also right in my price range.



That’s not to say we both don’t like the same wines, but safe wines have to be perfect.

Let me know your safe wines!



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