Wine delivery!

The first rule about wine club … is don’t talk in clichés.

Just kidding, you can do whatever you want.

You know what is great about Manitoba? Besides honey dill and ketchup chips, we are one of three provinces that can have wine shipped to us from wineries outside the province, but we pay the other province’s tax instead of our own!

Wine clubs are generally offered by boutique wineries. You select the type of wine you want (red, white or a combo) and the quantity, and it is shipped right to your home or office. They wineries usually have a couple different options to cater to different price ranges.


This is great for people wanting to try new wines and build up a great wine collection. You will always have delicious wines on hand when guests come over! It is also perfect for lazy people who want wine delivered right to their door.

Beginners to wine could consider going in on one of these packages in a group and having a monthly meeting. This would give them opportunity to try different kinds of wine each month and discover what you truly enjoy. Plus, meeting up with a group of friends every month is always a nice thing. Eventually you could try pairing snacks and wine to expand your knowledge even further!

These are just some of the wine club options offered in Manitoba:

The WineCollective offers wine you can’t find at the MLCC. They source their wine from the Alberta wholesale market. The prices range from $66.00 for two bottles to $144.00 for six bottles — monthly. They also offer a gift option, if you are stuck for your holiday shopping.

I am a big fan of Poplar Grove Winery. They are out of BC and have some delicious wines and a great website. It is a little pricey at $150-$230 every three months (for six bottles), but they offer wines they only produce in small quantities, and sometimes only to wine club members.

The Wine of the Month Club comes from, which offers many monthly subscriptions. It is cheaper at $55 per month for two bottles.

The WINE of the MONTH CLUB offers different packages ranging from $55 per month for two bottles to $179 per month for six bottles. They have in-house wine experts choose the wine each month.



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