Bright Ideas

I hear with age, comes wisdom. Does wicked craft skills come too?

I’m 26 now and while CreComm has dried up any creative writing ideas for the next little bit, my hands still want to do some crafting.

Today Aries is the the new moon and I am feeling fresh — yes, I am a little bit of a hippie. I planted some flowers, listened to music, had a quick meditation sesh and headed to Home Depot to get supplies for my next wine project.

You need: a neat looking wine bottle, a light bulb, a socket (?), a drill, a cord, a screw thing (apparently they are called nipples), and some dad strength.


Drill a hole in the bottom of your wine bottle. I recommend you drill through a wet sponge. I also asked my dad to do this because…well it’s just safer for him to touch the tools.


Then drill a hole through your cork.



Remove the labels on your wine.

Next, stick the cork up the butt of your bottle.


Screw the nipple into your cork.


Jimmy the cord through the nipple and stick the cork into the bottle.


Pop the bottom half of the socket off.


Screw bottom socket into the nipple and screw the ends of the cord into the light socket. My dad says this is basic wiring, but I still think they should come with instructions. SO he just did it for me.


Place the top of the socket back on.



Screw in the lightbulb and VOILA!

I have the perfect lamp…for the guest cabin at my cottage.

(The picture didn’t turn out when I turned the light on. But it works, and it’s awesome.)




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