Cooking with Red

I’m cooking again.

The plan was to make a red wine sauce for mussels, but we had a miscommunication about which one of us was supposed to pick up the mussels, so we improvised! We still made the red wine sauce — but one again we are cooking pasta sauce.

No complaints here.

Step one, light a candle and pour your wine.

DSC_0447Some for me, some for you

Chop up whatever vegetables you enjoy in your sauce. We used onions, garlic, and tomatoes. Toss them in the pan with a little oil and sauté for a minute or so. Add some tomato sauce, the wine, and whichever spice you enjoy. We used oregano,  Italian seasoning, salt and pepper.


Boil your pasta. We used gluten-free spirals and you couldn’t even tell the difference.

We also roasted and fried some brussel sprouts. They were a hit.

DSC_0449We had a lot going on here.

We cut off the steams and sliced the sprouts in half. Next we roasted them at 400 degrees for 30 minutes, giving them a good shake every 8ish minutes. When they were just about done we dumped them in a pan with some peanut butter, balsamic glaze, and bacon bits. It’s was quite the eclectic mix, but a delightful flavour explosion.


The sauce would have been unreal on mussels, but we enjoyed the pasta immensely. Plus  we put cheese on it, so that’s a win.

DSC_0452I would have tried to take a better photo, but the food was ready so what do you expect?

I encourage all of you to try cooking with wine. If it doesn’t turn out then you still have the wine and you can just order a pizza.

Bon appetit!


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