Fellow label shoppers, read me.

I am currently procrastinating finishing my PR assignment with another PR assignment.

I am still learning things so it’s OK, right?

Even with the knowledge I have acquired through my blogging, I still like to wander around the wine aisles and search for a label that looks interesting. At least now I have a vague idea of what I am looking at. I have sampled enough wine in my day to know what I am probably going to enjoy, and not enjoy.

Here is a guide to understanding the wine label and hopefully not picking your bottle based on the pretty picture alone:

(and with that use of a colon I faintly hear James Turner have a heart attack somewhere in Winnipeg)

Wine labels include:

  • The grape from which the wine was made
  • Brand name- Producer- Company or person that made the wine
  • Sometimes a whimsical name for that wine (Proprietary name)
  • And the place(s) the grapes were grown – region or specific vineyard
  • Vintage year- aka the year the grapes for the wine grew

A fellow blogger posted a great example I am going to share with you.


Here is one that looks a little more complicated:




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