Don’t waste your wine

Can’t finish the bottle?

Don’t abandon it! Store it properly for later.Oxygen is not a friend to wine. It will turn your sweet nectar into vinegar.

I like to think of red wine like a vampire. Red wine and blood look the same, so this is easy to remember. Vampires (and wine) like to be in dark, cool, dry places. This will keep your wine fresh.

The fridge can even help preserve your reds; it will slow the oxidation down.

Store the wine upright to minimize surface area #science

Don’t do drastic temperature changes. But when it is time for you to drink your red, you can warm it up in luke warm water without spoiling it.

Pinot Noir, old wine (8-10 years), organic wine, sulfite-free wine all go bad very quickly.

You can purchase wine preservers that suck the air out of the bottle. This will help keep your wine fresh. To save a few dollars on the wine preserver, you could also just finish the bottle.

Sparkling wine

Sometimes people enjoy day-old Champagne to freshly popped bubbly. This gives the bubbles a chance to settle and the flavour becomes rounded out.

Something to check out­– maybe on a cheap bottle.



4 thoughts on “Don’t waste your wine

    • Here are some tips for you!

      You can usually tell by the smell. When you are new to wine it is much harder to tell if your wine has gone bad because it’s a brand new taste to you. Some smells to look out for are: vinegar, nail polish remover, wet cardboard, burnt rubber, cooked cabbage, wet dog, bandaids, or barn yard, then it has definitely soured.

      Time is a huge factor as well, anything after 2-3 days open without being able to suck the air out of the bottle will likely be bad.

      If your wine has bubbles and it’s not supposed to, it has probably gone bad.

      When your wine turns cloudy after being previously clear, throw it away. (some wines are cloudy from the start so be careful)

      More brown than usual (for whites)? I would chuck it.
      Reds lose some of their vibrant colour when air is exposed to it. It can also have a brown tinge to it.

      The cork being pushed up before you open the bottle is a bad sign altogether.


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