I’m Here for the Boo’s

Happy Halloween everyone!

With our spirited celebration coming up, I thought I would let you all know some of the places in our wonderful city that you can have fancy wine parties.

These events are designed to give wine lovers the opportunity to sample wines from all over the world. Lucky for you, they are open to all levels of knowledge.

This gives you a chance to learn about wine and ask questions if you are seriously curious, and all of your friends will want to come too, because let’s get serious- there is wine there.

wine tasting meme

De Luca Fine Wines has wine pairings quite frequently.

Check them out here: http://www.delucafinewines.com/events

Banville and Jones has cooking and wine tasting classes, and even a professional sommelier program: http://www.banvilleandjones.com/events-education/

La Boutique has Friday Night Flights: http://www.laboutique.ca/events/wine-tastings

The Winehouse currently is hosting 3rd Annual Manitoba Wine Tasting Championships: http://www.thewinehousewinnipeg.com

The Kenaston Wine Market has a Holiday Wines Walk, which is an In-Store Wine Tasting: http://kenastonwine.com/collections/event-tickets/products/holiday-walk-about-2015

And my personal favourite,

Winnipeg Wine Festival! http://www.winnipegwinefestival.com

Where your teeth are red within 35 minutes, you run into everyone you know and their grandma, and your after Wine Festival plans almost always are cancelled because you need to go to bed.

I will meet you there.


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