Buying wine – you can do it!

Nobody knows it all.

In the words of Socrates, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” The wine world is always changing. New wineries, new vintages, new, brands, it’s impossible to keep up!

My advice is to start in smaller wine stores. Their staff are typically more knowledgeable. You may spend a few extra dollars, but it will be worth it to find wines you truly enjoy instead of choking it down.


The best wine shops have temperature-controlled rooms (like The Winehouse). Stay away from wines stored in warm areas. The taste will suffer. It will be like a pungent smack in the face.

Something else you might notice in a quality wine store is that bottles are stored horizontally. This keeps the cork moist and ensures a firm, closed bottle. When corks become dry, they can crack or shrink. This lets air into the bottle and spoils the wine.

Don’t worry when you see this at your local LC. Wine tends to have a high turn over and fly off the shelves there. Twist off caps are also becoming more common, and when wines are stored upright for a short period of time, this isn’t an issue.


Keep a note of the kinds of wine you fancy after you try them. Take a picture of the bottle and take it to your wine store. This way they will be able to guide you towards other wines you might appreciate.

Once you have an idea about the kinds of wine you enjoy, you can walk into the MLCC with confidence and buy the cheapest version of the wine you like. #studentlife


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