How to choo-choo choose wine!

This week I went on a field trip to The Winehouse. My friend Tom Bima invited me to join a staff meeting, and to my delight, introduced me to a second year CreComm student! (Hi Michelle, I just stalked you on social media. Follow me back , K?)

Tom filled me in on how he helps find the right wine for you by asking these three questions:

What’s your price range?

Is the wine for a friend or for you?

Do you want something full-bodied and heavy, or light and crisp?

Then his magical brain picks out the perfect wine for you.

For those of us that have no idea how to answer the last question, I asked Tom to give me some tips about how someone starting out can make the right selection.

Our palate has a natural progression, starting with sweet liquids. When we are sweet, six pound, eight ounce babies, we enjoy sugary juices.

So when we begin drinking wine we naturally start with the classic White Zinfandel. I like to think of this beverage as a liquid pink Starburst.

Next we move from sweet to dry whites:

Sauvignon Blanc



Then, the gateway red: Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir generally has less tannins, which means it’s not so bitter and dry!

Shiraz/Malbec’s tend to be a little more rich.

And the King of the red wine: Cabernet Sauvignon

This bad boy, and my personal favourite, tends to be full bodied and powerful. Remember closed mouth smiles for photos after a few glasses of this folks! Nobody likes corpse mouth.

After your palate has developed to enjoy these powerful reds, the next step would be something like scotch….

Until you are old and it’s back to the sugary juice!

*Joke cred to Tom Bima.

Tom’s advice is to find where you are on the scale and experiment! If you don’t like it, try it for 11 days and you will acquire a taste for it.

I’m going to try this with Vegemite and see how it goes. I will keep you posted.

Don’t go into the store and ask for a cab then expect a white wine. Apparently that’s a common occurrence.

Do go check them out.


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